Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Road to Erzbergrodeo

We started off eager to check out this years Erzbergrodeo but had a long road ahead of us. I decided to opt for our Honda Transalp for this trip while my riding friend took his African Twin.
We headed to Southern Bohemia, making our way near to Cesky Krumlov. On the road we were luck to see some amazing Czech castles.

We also ran into the Hluboka Castle in Hluboka nad Vltavou. We wish we could have gone inside but we were short on time. I only got a picture from far away,
but definitely a place worth stopping at next time.

We then stopped to have lunch in a random small town with a special tree.

A quick stop in Cesky Krumlov to get some Euros. Another city that deserves its own tour.

As we make our way to the boarder thinking about where to sleep for the night we pass through Rozmberk nad Vltavou, which has another cool castle.

We stop for some coffee as it starts to rain a bit and get a tip on a cool camping ground. Some off road riding is required to get there as the camping ground is mainly for boats. I only have street tires on
the Transalp but we decide to give it a go. On the way there we get another nice picture of the Rozmberk Castle.

We make our way off road to this camping site. But unfortunately the road is way too muddy and with my street tires the Transalp will not make it. So we head back to find another place.

After some riding around the Vyssi Brod area we head decide to camp not far from the camp ground we were looking for. No official camp ground, we just find a field and park it. The view was worth it.

We set up camp and are starting to relax after riding all day long. We plan to get up early in the morning to make it to Erzberg as soon as possible. We hear a sound off in the distance, it looks like a truck is coming!

Turns out we are on private property. The guy sees that we have set up our tents and have started to drink some beer, so he lets us stay, as long as we clean up. Very nice!

I am exhausted and head to bed early, the alarm set for 6pm.

Morning comes. I don't want to get up, but I do. The fog is amazing...

And lifts within minutes!

We slowly head out. I'm ready first so head out earlier... I don't get very far... a few feet from the road and my street tires slip.

No damage until I turn the bike and crack the mirror :( Oh well, lesson learned, get off road tires when riding off road!

We start out and book it to Erzberg to get there as soon as possible. As we get off the freeway and head to the twisty roads we see more and more bikers, letting us know we are heading in the right direction.

Finally we make it! Takes us awhile to find the right way to the race, but soon we are there.

The mountains around the race are just amazing.

And the track is huge!

We catch some guys practicing their hill runs...

You Tube video

People were waiting in line to go on the track... people and a bunny.

The rest of the pictures I think need no comments, so they are for you to enjoy!

Some video of the track

Some of the motorcycles that were visiting...

Nice KTMs...


People getting around...

More riding fun...

Erzberg was pretty amazing. But soon it was time to head back home. The ride itself was pretty mind blowing.

Unfortunately you can't see it, but the river was an amazing green color! The road was nice and twisty and the sun was shinning. What more can one ask for?

We make our way back to the Czech Republic and find a little pub with a little party and a little field where we can camp.

Mingling with the people and eating some of their roasted pig we have a wonderful night. The weather is so great that we decide not to set up camp but sleep direcly under the stars.

In the morning we are woken up by some farm animal noises... little did we know!

We slowly make our way home using as many back roads as possible. Surprisingly we run into an interesting little... fortress? castle? rocks made into a square shape? Who knows, but it is neat.

It is a hot day so we decide to find a place to swim, as the Cesky Budejovice region has many small lakes and ponds. Our first stop looked like it had potential, but with no shore it was not psosible.

With so many lakes we soon found the perfect spot for a dip.

It was a perfect end to a perfect trip!