Monday, June 1, 2009

Yosemite in 24 hours

While visiting family in California my friend Nancy and I decided to take a quick trip up to Yosemite. We rented two bikes from
Dubbelju Motorcycle Rental in San Francisco. It was a great experience over all. We got our bikes (I went on the Harley
Davidson Sporsters while Nancy optioned for the Honda Shadow) and soon were off on our way.

The two/three hour trip to Yosemite was flat, boring, and super hot!

The California heat was wreaking havoc on us. Luckily I had a cool new back pack with a water pouch that I could access while driving!

Nancy was not so lucky, but ahead looked like nicer weather.

As soon as we reached the base of the mountains the weather cooled. It looked like a storm was gathering, and we were looking forward to some cool winds and rain.

We filled up our tanks as my tank was super small! Had to fill it every hour. But gas is the one thing in the states that is not expensive!

Across from the gas station was an interesting looking piece of property. Something I thought looked very American, so I snapped a pic for my foreign friends.

We make it to the base of the mountains and start looking for our hostel. We get a little lost on the way but get to try some off road riding on the bikes.
Not something recommended

Finally we find make it to Yosemite bug Hostel, which was not only a hostel but had cabins as well as a spa and sauna!
They were very friendly and even let us park our bikes close to the dorm rooms.

I am pretty tired, so Nancy and I decide to spend the evening planning our Istanbul trip for September as well as other trips.

We head to bed early (9pm) so we can get up early the next day to explore Yosemite before I have to head back. We get up at 5:40am and are soon off!

The road to the park was amazing! Twisty, well paved, and because it was so early almost empty!

Our first stop is before we make it to the park. There was a sign so I stopped to see what was there and to have a quick breakfast.

The gorgeous river.

We continue on our way. We reach the park but do not have to pay as to early for the park rangers. We will pay on our way out. A few minutes into the park
and there is already an amazing water fall!

Yosemite Valley was breath taking, especially with the morning sun breaking through the mountains.

After a few minutes in the Valley we head up the mountains. The roads again are perfect, as well as the views. Unfortunately I couldn't stop and
photograph everything as my time was running out. We were able to stop here and there, such as at this old burnt forest.

Both of us got out here to take pictures. Here is the devil (Nancy) photographing in the boulders we climbed up on.

The weather, trees and road was perfect for not only riding but for photography as well.

The view up on the mountain range was simply sublime.

May was the perfect time to go. Not too hot, obviously, as the snow was not completely melted yet on this road.

Our last stop was a breath taking lake we drove by.

Yosemite was beautiful. Unfortunately I couldn't stay longer. So before finishing the road we turned around and at Groveland parted ways. Nancy
was staying in the park and I need to book it back to San Francisco to return the rental! 7 hours total of straight driving and only a tiny bit late.
It was a great trip!

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